MATLAB© is required to use XMapTools, which is fully compatible* with MATLAB© version 7.5 release R2007b or more recent releases.

The last version of XMapTools must be installed prior the short course. The main steps are:

  1. Register on XMapTools’ website (mandatory). Free sign up
  2. Sign in to obtain the download link. Log in
  3. Download the last version of the software. Download
  4. Also download the additional files and user guide
  5. Install XMapTools on your computer following these instructions

Note: a cheap version of MATLAB© for student can be purchased via the Mathwork website.

* XMapTools does not require any additional MATLAB© toolbox such as Statistic, Image Processing toolboxes. However, we strongly recommend to have such toolboxes that may provide useful functions if you want to go further than what XMapTools does.